The stud farm in Różnowo dates its beginnings to July 1993, when it welcomed the first six mares with Lusaka leading the way.

The stable building from 1898 was in a very bad condition. The two-storey loft of the stable, resting on massive 28×26 cm diameter and 13m-long beams and supported by 4 m-high posts, was in danger of collapsing. When we found a sawmill which agreed to fulfil the order, the renovation work started at full trot.

The ghost of the grey Pilatus (Demir Kaja ox from Parcenprinces by Prinz Optimus ) probably shared our joy at the progress of the work.


That beautiful stallion was born in 1921 in Trakehnen, where he was the leading one in the years 1925-26, next he went to Braniewo, from where he was purchased at an auction for 100 Mk in 1932 by the then owner of Różnowo, was probably housed in this stable and was stationed there till 1944. When he arrived in Różnowo, another stallion born in Trakehnen, the black Trojaner (Master Magpie xx-Troja by Le Justicier xx), was already here, who (acc. to Dr F.Schilke) had come to dominate the German East by that time. They were joined in 1937, after the centre in Zwion had been completed, by another Trakehner, son of Ararad, st. Musikfreund line-bred five times to Optimus.

Pilatus had waited for almost 50 years to hear the neighing of a mare again, he had been accompanied to that day by the voice of Lusaka, who despite being 25 years old, daily led the herd of mothers out to the pastures. They cover 54 ha in total with an interesting configuration and a rich sward. They serve the horses all year round and this acreage does not need nitrogen. In winter, it serves as a paddock and place of snow baths, after which they return to two stables equipped with thirty spacious boxes and five run pens. In summer, it is the site of a 12-hour stay and an abundant canteen.

  Obtaining a mare with a good “paper’’ was not easy because state-owned stud farms possessively guarded their monopoly. Things began to change after a breeding review in Liski. Three years after her becoming sterile, Piosenka was culled, and for good measure we bought, through bargaining, the aptly named Premia, we had two “Luftsprungs,’’ seemingly little, but how much joy. Then a “Lore’’ was added in the shape of Czantoria, that plus Lusaka, plus the youth from Plękity and Rzeczna and we could organize the first breeding season on–site in Różnowo.


Fate was on our side because in 1996 we got Arion for the season, a son of the two-time Olympian Poprad and the outstanding mare Aragonia, a competitor in many jumping contests, including Nations Cups.

Out of the eight mares and three stallions born in 1997 all marked their presence in sport. His five daughters remained in the stud farm, originating a set of mothers of our own breeding. One of them has been with us to this day, Pola from Pont by Gawot, whose daughter Piaffa by Gluosnis xx won the foal championship in Galiny and in 2010 produced a filly with Czar. His three sons Narion, Papkin and Czak are recognized stallions and Czak, who was second (behind Ajbek) in a 100-day test in ZT (Training Centre) Kwidzyn with the highest grade for jumps, then completed an 8-month ZT in Biały Bór with the result 80.18 A. He has confirmed by his appearances in sport the rightness of linebreeding 2×3 to Aragonia and through Dzięgiel xx to Szczecin, who was the sire of many outstanding sport horses. Czak covered in his home stud farm leaving, among others, the mare Koryntia. When we received the news in 1998 that Arion had passed away, we began the search for Czaprak inside Germany and Switzerland, unfortunately, with no success.

   We managed to bring for the next season “from exile to the Rzeszów Region‘’ Poprad’s grandson, the stallion Lwów (Aspirant – Lwica by Harbin further Trojnat xx by Szczecin). 15 foals by him were born in 1998. His three daughters were integrated into the herd and Jasmin from Justa by Pistolet has remained in it to this day. Lwów left behind many good jumpers and the outstanding Czar from Czantoria by Aragonit (Kobryń xx Aragonia). Czar was the second vice-champion of MPMK (Polish Young Horse Championships) in dressage among 4-year-olds and in the qualifiers for MPMK in jumps for 6-year-olds he obtained the grade of 8.3 pts. getting the better of all 6- and 7-year-olds. Presented, as the first stallion from Poland, at the Trakehner stallion show in Münster, he gained enormous recognition. At present he is returning to big-time jumping after a serious injury. Since the past season, we have been inseminating with his semen mares born from the combination of the stallion Gluosnis xx with Arion’s daughters. Gluosnis, an outstanding jumper in his breed, is well-known in Lithuanian and Polish arenas.

  For the 1998 season, we brought from the Poznań region another of Poprad’s grandsons, a son of Aspirant and Pisanka by Haakon, the black stallion Pistolet. He has a deep Trakehner pedigree based on the four pillars of that breeding farm, the stallions Pythagoras, Pilger, Polarstern and Ararad, to whom he is line-bred. He left behind in the stud farm two mares, of whom Czacza, Czar’s sister, is still here.

  Besides the above-mentioned, Poprad’s other grandsons also covered in the stud farm: the stallion Kondor used in the Trakehner breed in Germany, Ogar, the leading one in Liski for many years, and Orbis, strongly related to him. Only the last one left behind two daughters in the herd of mothers. No mare was given either by the stallion Scott xx, son of Czubaryk, line-bred three times to Aquino, a participant in the final of MP (Polish Championships) in jumping.


Another significant year was 2003, when the black Ajbek, Poprad’s great-grandson on the distaff side, the champion of ZT in Kwidzyn from 1999, arrived to us. That son of the stallion Agar carries on his father’s side the blood of such outstanding horses as Dakota xx, Dziwisz xx and Aragonia and on his mother’s side through Agresja xx the blood of the stallion Łeb w Łeb son of st. Villars, to whom the mare is additionally line-bred.




In 2004, Sword xx covered in the stud farm.Sword_f_1_400_1

sword p glimmerman (4)[1]

That stallion took the 4th place in ZT Biały Bór in competition with a strong set of half-breed stallions with a “10” for character. That stallion returned once more in 2006 and left behind in the stud farm two mares and the stallion Wezyr, who as the first Polish horse qualified for and then appeared at the Trakehner Hengstmarkt 2007 in Neumünster.

In 2007, we used another of Poprad’s great-grandsons, the beautiful Cedrus (evaluation 83 pts.), who left behind one mare and after his stay in 2009 three interesting foals, including the colt Nefryt.

At present, Ajbek’s daughters dominate in the herd of mothers. His role in improving the desired traits is indisputable. Already the first year group of his progeny gives him the best possible credentials. His son Bossier from Bossa by Lwów is successful in the three-day event and only administrative issues excluded him from participation in the World Young Horse Championships, although he had achieved qualifications. Bossier’s half brothers, Portos from Pola by Arion and Danlop from Dubla by Kondor, are increasingly marking their presence in the three-day event. Jasiołka from Jasmin by Lwów went to Finland, where she is a breeding success. She is a mare line-bred 3x3x4 to Aspirant, there is the two-year-old colt Jazon in the stable and the third horse from that combination will be born at any moment. The mare Dewiza from Delta by Pistolet won the Trakehner mare test and Kornwalia from Korga by Akcept xx was third, both commended for jumps. A son of Koryntia by Czak, the mare who as a weanling took the second place in the championship in Galiny with the grade for the trot 9.33, achieved as the second horse from Poland (after Wezyr) qualifications for the Hengstmarkt 2010. He is line-bred 4x4x5 to Poprad 4×4 to Dziwisz xx and 4x5x5 to Aragonia. At the Trakehner review 2010 the youth: Karat from Korsarka by Sword xx and two full sisters Calineczka and Carmen from Czacza by Pistolet came out in the top group.

  We set ourselves the goal of breeding a good-looking, brave, well-moving, ambitious Trakehner horse on the basis of the blood of Poprad, the two-time Olympian, many-time competitor in the Nations Cup, a horse who used to leave his heart in the struggle for laurels in the arena in Kortowo in the 1960s, who after his career ended gave to sport and breeding among others: Czaprak, Lampart, Artus, Arion, Aspirant and many others. Although at the time when we were starting only Arion and the sons of Aspirant remained in the country and there was no trace left of the others, we have been consistently heading towards the goal. We notice that in the evaluation of movement we obtain higher scores for the three basic gaits, while earlier one dominated over the others. We see here the effect of a fortunate choice of thoroughbred stallions and very strict selection. At the present stage it is possible to speak of an even type of mares, which has been immensely influenced by linebreedings to Poprad, Aspirant, Aragonia, Dakota xx, Dziwisz xx or Szczecin xx. We will be facing an ever more difficult choice of stallions based on domestic material, all the more regret for Wezyr and all the more happiness about Korynt, Karat, Negr, Jazon or Nefryt, though they need to be waited for. Nefryt, who through Cedrus, Kondor and Pistolet carries Poprad’s blood and is additionally line-bred 3×4 to Kondeusz, received a 9 for the type during the review. If our plans concerning the next breeding season bring the expected effects, further progress must take place.

  The goal remains the same – breeding a good, modern-type sport horse and we will leave it up to the competitor to decide in which discipline he or she wants to achieve success.