The farm of Rożnowo is situated in the north part of the poviat Ostróda and it borders with the poviat of Elbląg. The farm has the acreage of 575ha and it is a compact complex. It is surrounded by forests to the east and to the north. To the south, it’s closed by the road Miłakowo-Grudniki (which used to be the shortest possible way from Olsztyn to Elbląg) and to the west it borders with the grounds of the poviat of Elbląg. It is separated by the road Miłakowo-Lesiska, where, 2 km from Miłakowo, the farm is situated.

Pastures (55ha) are full of hills, ditches and small ponds. Ploughlands are mostly of III b-IV b class; crops include colza, wheat, barley and oats. Farmlands are big 100 ha complexes.